About male bashing

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  10. And the self-help? Huh? I'm not writing any books. And are you implying that one cannot multi-task? In other words, asshole by night, and caring individual by day? No one is forcing you to follow me, but should you decide to stick around, understand that I will not be restricted to any box that anyone wants to put me in. A rebel by nature.
  12. Hey, I read your ebook, and I have to say that overall, although I enjoy your writing, I think that your method is not that awesome.  Firstly, it's clearly written with a college party scene in mind, which is fine if you're a college student.
  14. Next, your method mostly involves only going for women who are into you basically from the beginning. You say that if a woman isn't clearly into you, you should cut your losses EARLY ON by asking if she will GO ON A DATE with you.
  16. Most of the girls that I want (8+) are never that into me when I START talking to them. And it's not because I dress or speak poorly or boringly or whatever. Just thought some feedback would be useful for you. Or not.
  19. Anyway, stay easy.
  23. I think you're refering to the book i wrote about a year ago, titled Assanova's Simplicity? If so, then yes, that guide was written with the college crowd in mind, as I was living on a college campus at the time. And I say that if the girl doesn't seem into you, then you should state your intentions with her and see if she wants to hang out some other time. There really is no point in wasting time on a girl if she isn't into you. And if they aren't that into you from the beginning, then yes, it's because you either A) Aren't attractive physically or B) Nothing about your personality stands out in a good way.
  25. That being said, yes, it is possible for a woman to gradually become attracted to you. However, we're talking about speed seduction here, and time is something that you don't have. So, you might want to try changing something about yourself to become more attractive instantly.
  27. And I do appreciate the criticism, and I will keep your words in mind when writing my next guide, which is the follow up to Assanova's Simplicity, and it to, is based on one night stands. I've had time to do more research and will be making quite a few changes and elaborating on a few things that I feel haven't been fleshed out enough.

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