Ready for a serious relationship

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  10. To know the pain of too much tenderness
  11. To be wounded by your own understanding of love
  12. And to bleed willingly and joyfully
  13. “The Prophet” Kahlil Gibran
  17. @ Everyone
  19. I wrote about what Susan and I went through a week ago today. It was big, eventful. But you know what really captures out marriage, what truly encapsulates it, is something that goes on almost everyday for the last 17 years, or at least ever work day. We moved into a 2 story house then. When I come home from work she is usually upstairs; she can’t hear me come in so I yell “Hey hon’!” And ever time, every time, she hollers “HIIIIIII!!!!” in a voice so full of joy and delight, so glad I’m home, so complete in its unexpurgated happiness that I’m touched EVERY TIME I HEAR IT! I soar hearing it like a UFO in an Ed Wood movie (ref”Plan Nine From Outer Space”; “Ed Wood”).
  21. She just called from the gym; it’s 9:40 p m here. I had recently expressed a renewed preference for boxer shorts, and I have my biopsy scheduled tomorrow morning. She was calling me to inform me that Shopko is still open and if I wanted she’d drop in and get me some boxers (I have a dozen pairs). I told her no, it can wait. Those are the things that comprise day-to-day love, not the balcony scenes from Romeo & Juliet.
  23. God I love her.
  27. Many people have been telling me, in reference to my condition, to “rage, rage against the dying of the light”. Dylan Thomas epic lines are certainly moving. But I am called to remember God’s response to Job when he questioned God’s running of things, and specifically His undeserved punishment of him. I can’t do it justice, but God comes out of a whirlwind and says to Job Where were you when I created the universe? Tell Me how I did it, if you have the understanding? Did you give yourself life? Have you so many days you can tell Me how to move the stars of the Pleiades, or scatter the ones of Orion? Who gave you undertstanding of your own heart? Who gave you wisdom? Can you even perceive the breadth of the earth? Do you water the deserts where no man has set foot? Do you feed the lions? Do you keep the waves at bay, or know how light is created? Do you know how to make rivers, that the denizens thereof have homes? Where have you such understanding that you can question anything I do? Who gave you this responsibility?
  29. I am not Job. I have been blessed with abundance.
  33. I am working on assembling Munson’s writing into a PDF of his wit and wisdom and will offer a download here soon so that you can all have a copy.

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