Respect the man as he is

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  9. By the late eighteenth century it has been estimated that a quarter of Britain citizenry resided in America.
  11. The difference between early fornicators in America and those of today is those in the eighteenth and nineteenth century the tended to marry the person with whom they slept. Likewise, it is estimate that half of colonial children lived with single parents at some point before their eighteenth birthday. Only those early single parents were the products of untimely death rather than acrimonious divorce.
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  14. Divorce or death?
  15. The thing about divorce is, because it was very difficult to come by before the 20th century, we have no way of knowing how many marriages would have ended in divorce had it been more easily obtainable. For all we know, the divorce rate might have been as high then as it is today, had it been as easy to divorce then as now. In societies where divorce is readily available, people always seem happy to take advantage of it. I feel that if you're going to end up as a single parent, it's better to be through divorce rather than death.
  17. I heard recently about an agreeable custom that exists under shia law in Iran,temporary marriage, whereby you can be married for any period of time from five minutes to three hundred years. Instead of the rather daunting 'till death do you part' the clergyman declares you married for 'a certain period of time'. This gets around the severe Muslim laws against fornication.

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