How do you make dating more fun?

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  10. The next year I went to another school on the other side of town for middle school and made new friends.  In 6th grade, I developed a crush on a girl that rode my bus.  She was a 7th grader.  6th graders sat in the front of the bus and 7th and 8th graders sat in the back.  I befriended her and one day we were walking to the bus together, so I just naturally walked to the back with her and sat down in the seat with her.  We were sitting there talking when some of the 8th grade guys got on the bus, “what the fuck is this 6th grader doing sitting back here?”  She took up for me, “no, he’s cool, he’s with me”, and I became the first 6th grader to successfully sit in the back of the bus.  I also wound up befriended all of the 7th and 8th graders and sitting back there and hanging out with them more often.
  12. I never made move though.  I was in the friend zone with her.  I don’t know if she knew I had a crush on her or not.  I never even got her phone number or anything.  She would do weird shit though, like try to get me to drink out of her soda that she was drinking or try to get me to chew the gum she had been chewing.  I always turned shit like that down because it seemed weird to me.  One day, she walked up and kissed me on the hand in front of my friends.  It felt big at the time, but I actually didn’t know if it meant anything.  Towards the end of the school year, she introduced me to her best friend who was also cute and she started to ride our bus as well.  On the last day of school, we were having a shaving cream fight/party on the bus and the best friend came over to me, sat next me, kissed me on the cheek an ran off.  I never inquired or tried anything.
  14. I was too shy to talk to girls I liked.  Too nervous, too beta.  I never went for it.  I befriended a guy in 6th grade that reminded me somewhat of my “bad boy” friend from elementary school.  He was El Salvadorian, and he would have a new girlfriend every week, always the cute ones too.  It was amazing to see him get girls and see how they would react around him.  I didn’t understand it.  I wanted to have it like that, but I was too scared to approach and ask these girls out, too scared of rejection, so I did nothing.  He got expelled in 7th grade for pulling a knife out on a group of guys who were trying to jump him and I haven’t seen or heard from him since….

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