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  10. This author understands the desire many women feel to be brought to submission rather than handing it to a man on a plate. He does not make clear (and perhaps even disagrees) that strength/weakness is independent of dominance/submission; nevertheless, this is a piece that will speak to many readers.
  11. I do, in fact, disagree - at least in part - with the notion that strength/weakness is independent of dominance/submission.
  12. Strength is intertwined with dominance and submission and it is a requirement for both. He must have some combination of physical/emotional/spiritual/other strength in order to dominate.
  14. She must also be strong enough to meet his strength. If not, the relationship would be destructive.
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  17. Door Mats are Boring
  18. I wonder if truly strong people would be happy with weak people. I think that if you are a strong person, male or female, then you would find a weak person, a door mat, pretty boring. What kind of true give and take can you have with a weak person?
  20. To be happy I need someone who matches my strength. If my husband was weak I would not respect him. Weakness of character makes me feel disgust actually. I have no patience or time for weakness. I do submit to him, but my submission has nothing to do with weakness. I have learned that I can be strong and submissive at the same time and that is what my husband wants.
  22. Strength is what makes the whole relationship sexy. We are both strong people. Neither of us would be happy married to a weak person. I am not sure that I agree that it takes a strong woman to submit, but I think it is definitely more interesting for the man when the woman submitting to him is strong! My strong man makes life more interesting to me too!

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