Love is important, but is it really everything?

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  10. I wasn't scared of him when I was doing the dishes, nor when I did the laundry or fed the cat or paid the bills. But the fact that I didn't entirely know what he would do to me at any given point thrilled me whenever I thought about it and, yes, frightened me a little as well. This fear was sexual - I trusted him implicitly and knew that I would come to no serious harm.
  12. He wasn't an abuser, nor had he any potential to abuse me. He liked "roughing me up a little" and I liked it too. Both of us had been in relationships without this element of sexual fear, and had I not liked it, he would never, ever, ever have tried it on. In fact, I suggested it. He was a great guy and a loving partner.
  14. Just because someone likes to get more physical than you do, doesn't make it bad.
  16. Bel
  18. by Bel of Oz on 2004 Dec 4 - 10:26 | reply to this comment
  19. Mismatched
  20. If a man finds himself in a marriage where he expected to be head of the household and instead he is with a "bitch" who doesn't let him make the decisions and belittles him...why did he not find this out when he was courting her?
  22. Could it be he was thinking with the little head and forgot to put all his expectations and wishes out on the table?
  24. Abuse isn't about yelling at a wife who is belittling and putting a guy down. It's about undermining her confidence, isolating her from her friends and family, cutting her down constantly with remarks about her stupidity and general incompetence, weight, appearance, etc.

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