For Some Women, Promiscuity is Hard-Wired

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  10. 228Rum April 25, 2011 at 12:07 am
  11. When seconds count your Rights and the Law are just hours away.
  12. Ha Fucking Ha Ha.
  14. 229Ashley April 25, 2011 at 1:15 am
  15. Maybe I’m too conservative on the whole issue, but why can’t women learn to resist a drink and stay home? Having fun with friends at a club or party is one thing, but coming alone and getting wasted with a man is another. People have to learn to take responsibility for their own actions. Bottom line: if a woman engages in intercourse, it’s her own fault if she didn’t try to resist, drink or no drink.
  17. And why is this article only geared towards women? Men could have been “raped” too in the same way that a woman could have been.
  19. 230Abbot April 25, 2011 at 7:18 am
  20. “People have to learn to take responsibility for their own actions.”
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  22. How does that make you “too conservative?” Women who want or need others to be responsible for what they do must be under the age of 16. How else can it be explained?
  24. 231dumbfounded April 25, 2011 at 8:37 am
  25. I’m sorry I’m not really following the thread with this comment, and I’m being wordy, but this touches a raw nerve, I’ve seen girls getting themselves in over their heads. I think Susan touches on some excellent points earlier in the thread:
  27. …sexual assault is a very different sort of crime. It’s not really comparable to robbery or a mugging, because it’s stealing something that cannot be replaced…
  29. Yes, additionally it’s unlike robbery in the context of casual sex because the potential victim wants something from the potential perp. Both parties are PARTNERS IN CRIME, at least at the outset. Both parties know this on some level. It’s part of the thrill, especially if they’re crossing a cultural divide. It should be in the forefront of your mind if you’re doing this sort of thing.
  31. …What gets very tricky is the question of consent. Most consensual sex does not involve a verbal negotiation…
  33. True, but anonymous, and especially anonymous group sex often does and SHOULD involve negotiation (see below*). Ladies, most guys will think you are naive, stupid, and even damaged/retarded if you just met them and indicate you are down for group sex. Especially if you don’t negotiate. No matter how edgy they are they have women in their lives that they love and respect – and those women don’t behave like you’re behaving. It doesn’t matter how hot you are, how cool they act, or how much they make you feel that you’re on the in for being down with the program (there is no program). As you know sex is between the ears as much as it is between the legs. If you think you are going to “use” them to “use” you they’ll pick up on it and resent you, especially if there is a cultural gap. Most guys don’t like being used. If you act too cocky they will humble you. If you act too innocent they will teach you a lesson. It’s called gang-bang for a reason. It could work out great – you could get off big-time. It could also go south quickly – sodomy is a difficult thing to negotiate with strangers.

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