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  11. I was talking to a friend of mine last night, who went to Japan a while ago. He is a respectable English father, and he was staying at the home of an upper-middle class Japanese family he did not know very well. He was completely shocked that one or other person he was staying with would call him into the family room to watch some hardcore pornography that would be illegal in England. He could not get his head around the fact that this stuff was everywhere he looked, there. They have entire sections in videostores devoted to rape films. They even have stuff that looks for all the world like child porn [shudder]. And my friend told me of how he had been in a bookshop looking at Japanese children\s books, only to notice that on the very same table there were some books depicting buggery, nauseating SM torture, and other things that made him wish he had not had any lunch. As I understand it, the existence of this stuff does not appear to be associated with a high rate of violent crime there.
  13. A good man does not turn into a monster just because he reads a few articles on a web site.
  15. What is actually happening here is that in our culture, there is an irrational taboo at work. Whilst few get upset about the depiction of violence per se, and few get upset about the depiction of sex per se, in our culture, books and films depicting even the most mildly ‘violent’ sex occasion hysterical reactions out of all proportion to what they are. (This taboo does not exist in Japanese culture, but they have other taboos which look highly amusing or very silly to Western eyes.)

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