Get a grip on reality

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  15. by Intuit on 2004 Sep 28 - 03:10 | reply to this comment
  16. Alpha, beta, etc
  17. I don't know, I am really a bit sceptical as to whether you can categorise people into types like that. I mean, for instance, I haven't a clue as to how I would categorise my husband, I don't know whether he's an alpha male or not, I mean he's very succesful in his career and certainly capable of being forceful enough for ten, but certainly not the kind of man women flock around, which as I've said is just as well, because one would never have a moment's peace fending off the competition, and it would be too tiresome for words.
  19. As for looking at other men, well, of course I look, I'm married, I'm not blind. For instance, during the Olympics we were watching the sailing on TV, and there was a close-up of this absolutely stunning gorgeous blonde hunk just getting back into his boat, and I didn't say anything but I drew my breath in a bit sharply. "Down, girl" my husband muttered, knowing perfectly well what I was thinking. He looks too, I mean, the only Olympic sport in which he took any interest apart from the sailing was the women's beach volleyball, and I'm not naive enough to think his interest in that had anything to do with sport. But whether it had anything to do with apha, beta or whatever, I doubt.
  21. Whenever people start categorising others by type, I am always reminded of Rose Macaulay's hilarious novel 'Staying with Relations', about an English woman writer going to stay with her American aunt and the aunt's extended family in the middle of the jungle in Guatemala. The writer is forever deciding that her relatives are this or that type, and it turns out she is 100% wrong about all of them, every single one of them is totally different from what she has imagined. I simply don't belive you can pigeonhole people like that.
  23. As for feeling completely secure when I was a child, well no, I can't honestly say I did. My mother had divorced her first husband in order to marry my father, with whom she was always having lengthy and furious rows, and I always thought they might be going to get divorced as well. My mother was an extremely volatile woman, and you never knew when she was going to fly off the handle next, or about what, being around her was like being around a ticking time bomb. I'm inclined to think that the 50% divorce rate may simply be because divorce is easier to come by now, had it been less difficult to obtain in the past, maybe we would always have had a 50% rate, who knows?
  25. by Louise C on 2004 Sep 28 - 11:39 | reply to this comment
  26. Kind and Supportive
  27. Dear Louise,

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