All good dating advice.

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  10. koe Says:
  11. March 2nd, 2011 at 1:03 pm
  12. you know what number 4 move on you doing great find new people
  14. Alex Says:
  15. April 7th, 2011 at 11:34 pm
  16. she broke up with me by email (long distance relationship / different continents), I was TOO beggy and needy, and I tried to maker change her mind for hours (all this by messages, she is not able to use MSN nor call me at the moment), until I accepted to be her friend, and what she ordered to me to do (look other girls even I said, I won’t because I only love her). Her reason to break up with me was that she said everything was different since she came back to her country, and that she couldn’t keep lying to me and herself, that she couldn’t see me as a bf but only like her best friend, she says she doesn’t want to totally “break up” because she still wants be friends with me, but that won’t ever be my gf anymore. She wants me to meet other girls because she is practically my only gf, or at least whom I lost my virginity. She says “you only know me, you don’t know other girls, so you should meet other girls date and fall in love with other girls, I will never see you like a lover anymore” Since my last “friendly” email (that was like “ok, I will meet other girls only by internet, but I will listen to my heart and wait until We finally meet again” and then I made sorta cheesy joke, this was almost 3 days ago when I started NC and at the moment she hasn’t sent me any email.
  17. I think I lost all the respect she felt with me when she came to my country and We lived together since she thought I was not independant, because I need many favors from my parents, then when she came back to her country (even she truly enjoyed living with me and at the moment didn’t want to come back) she started looking kinda cold towards me, from talking every single day even by hours, she started saying she didn’t like PC, that she didn’t like webcam, that PC made her feel exhausted, etc. Then we started talking only once or twice a week, until finally it converted in maybe once or twice every 2 or 3 weeks. She started ignoring my emails and not answer me back until I looked very needy and demanding her attention. And finally she dropped the bomb and dumped me. As I have said I started NC 3 days ago, but I am thinking this won’t change anything cuz I really screwd it up so badly!
  19. what do you think Dr?

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