low-effort gluten-free bread

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  1. low-effort gluten-free bread
  3. ingredients:
  4. - 500g pre-made flour mix for gluten-free bread ("Werz 4-Korn-Backmischung")
  5.   contains:
  6.   rice, corn, sorghum, buckwheat flour
  7.   corn starch
  8.   carob gum
  9.   salt
  10.   dry yeast
  11. - quinoa sourdough extract ("Biovegan Quinoa Sauerteig Extrakt") / optional
  12. - 50g teff flour
  13. - 40g sesame seeds
  14. - 500ml water
  15. - sunflower oil (or a different neutral oil)
  16. - some more salt
  18. Soak sesame seeds in a glass of water (bread will not dry out as quickly).
  20. Mix up flours, sourdough extract, and a pinch of salt in a bowl (use a pack of dry yeast and maybe two teaspoons of salt if either is not in your base mix already).
  21. Add 2 tablespoons of oil and 500ml of slightly warm water.
  22. Knead for a couple of minutes (I'm using an electric mixer with dough hooks).
  23. Drip off sesame seeds, add to dough (at this point I'm also using a little bit of additional water if there's still some dry flour in the bowl).
  24. Continue kneading until the sesame seeds are distributed evenely.
  26. Transfer to rectangular cake pan. I'm using a cheap coated Ikea pan (HEMMABAK 1.8l). It will be about 2/3s filled. Smoothen dough surface with a wet spatula or a spoon. Add a shallow cut along the middle, and a thin layer of flour.
  28. Let dough rise in a warm place for about an hour, covered with a towel. The dough should about fill the pan in the end. If it doesn't rise, just wait some more.
  30. Bake in oven pre-heated to 220°C (upper and lower heat, place near bottom of the oven) for an hour, with a cup of water placed next to the pan.
  33. Remarks:
  35. It would probably more safe to let the dough rise in the original bowl, and knead it one more time before transfering to the pan, so there's less risk of holes created by gases trapped iside. I've had that problem only once, so I'm skipping that step. (It's more likely to happen if the bread has risen too much, over the rim of the pan.)
  37. I've used other gluten-free flour mixes targeted at making bread, but had the best results with the one mentioned above. Probably not available outside of Germany.
  39. A different type of sourdough extract will do if the result doesn't have to be gluten-free.
  41. I've used dry oat flakes instead of sesame seeds. There's a couple of other options.

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