Citites Around The Wolrds For Dating For Expats

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  11. The girl that i brought to my place yesterday, she never did anything like this before, and i got her phone number in 10 minutes, called her in 40 minutes (contractor still wasnt off the property so i had to wait for him to leave) and we met up at target, i immediately got out of her car and sat in hers, then we quickly went to drive to a taco place in the drive thru (she wanted a soda) i think it was like 15 minutes we drove back to my car and i told her i give great massages (i do touching in various ways before so she gets used to touch touching palms, touching her arms if she has jewelry and asking questions, i saw something dangling from the keys that touched her leg so i asked about it while i grazed her leg with the back of my hand (oops!)
  13. I have a routine down, its pretty easy when you get less in your head because you consciously have to think (okay i do this, now i do this) in the beginning
  15. I led everything and my vibe was that this was completely natural.
  17. I got inspired by a guy who did day game on a forum site. He was the only one that attempted it and did same day lays he averaged 1 out of 11 girls in liberal califonia. I’m in a very conservative state (i believe local mindset and openness helps alot) and i posted my results on there ( i really wish others did it as well, learn from each other o well) which for the most part wasnt that great and i never pulled a girl back to my place (almost pulled 2 but i fumbled)

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