Great Single Men

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  19. I've lived both in England and the USA, so I do realize there are some functional differences in cultural attitudes, not to mention any number of language distinctions. Torch/flashlight, steps/ladder, corgette/zucchini, swede/rutabega, and my the most embarrassing of my personal verbal faux pas was the discovery (in mixed company) that the English do not refer to bottoms as fannies.
  21. At any rate, lighting our marital pathway by torch or flashlight, I wonder exactly how my own husband would react to my brandishing weapons in the wee hours? He told me just last night that he isn't surprised when I behave sensibly, for he fully expects me to make reasonable, logical, sensible choices. Nice warm fuzzies and a pleasurable glow resulted from that comment.
  23. Our flashlight, by the way, is a heavy British made instrument, designed to effectively light the pathway for a good many feet ahead. I have used it for that very purpose both here and back in Kent. But I have to agree that nothing produces a warmer glow than a man willing to trouble himself to escort his beloved where danger may or may not lurk. I love that proprietary hand at the small of my back, his solid presence at my side, knowing he cares enough to see to my well being. He also knows I'm prone to shouting out loud and throwing whatever I might be clutching in my hand (before bolting at a dead run) at the first sign of danger; whether torch, gun, cell phone, or ham sandwich. If I were lucky enough to hit a target squarely with this torch of ours, I might possibly do some damage, but knowing me, I'd simply toss the flashlight directly into the hands of a would be assailant.
  25. I think walking alone at night in many settings, possibly most settings, is not the wisest choice I could make. It's doubtful my husband would ever need to instruct me regarding that particular topic, as I'd rather avoid the howling coyote packs that roam the streets here, just as I'd have avoided groups of roaming yobs back in England.
  27. There are areas where I defer to his judgment, or consider his feelings as being more important to me than some of the activities I'd like to explore. Most recently, we had a disagreement about my desire to take up rock climbing. His feelings are so strongly anti, that I simply choose to give him peace of mind and take up a less dangerous hobby. I appreciate not only his willingness to express how he feels, but also the way he conveys his feelings to me. I recognize that he cares deeply about my well being, and will agree with noone that showing that loving concern is all important. So, he shows it by "forbidding" me to take up rock climbing, I show that I care for his feelings by agreeing to "obey." Little frisson at the thought of the dynamics here.

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