The feminism wave du jour

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  10. For the Western world, I think you will find its most women adopt that perfectly appropriate human behaviour. and avoidable? Do you use a lie detector when on a date?
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  13. Most women do not reside in the Western world. Women in the West may indeed adopt that behavior and of course they would consider it appropriate, until they decide to marry and such behavior is called into question – by men – and these women should respect that selection criteria and not shame men, even promiscuous men, for thinking that way. And its about probability when dating outside the West (the big world) where the chance of meeting a Western-type woman is very very low.
  15. Jess says:
  16. October 22, 2010 at 7:10 pm
  17. Teflon,
  18. You do know this is a US site dont you?
  19. “these women should respect our criterea”
  20. “not even promiscious men”
  21. Well as long as you are being fair and reasonalbe then!!!
  22. What tickles me is that if you had been born a woman you would be the most vociferous feminist out there! (and a sex positive one at that!)
  24. Mike C says:
  25. October 22, 2010 at 7:20 pm
  26. Mike,
  27. Wait! I actually agree with you- most women could not go for 7 years like that.
  29. Jess,
  31. You either didn’t understand my question or artfully dodged it. So let me try again. What possible situation could occur that would lead a woman to the point where she could NOT get a LTR for 7 years, and as a result go the casual, promiscuous sex route to have consistent sexual relations with a male?
  33. I would submit that a woman who goes 7 years without a LTR, and substitutes a high number of casual sex partners is either:
  35. 1. Way too choosy about LTR material relative to her SMV value. This points toward someone who is either unrealistic or feels entitled. If you are quality guy with options you don’t want to marry this person.

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