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  9. @Ramble
  10. “I have said it before and I will say it again, by the time this is all over Western Society will look a lot like it did about 100 years ago.”
  11. Will I still be able to vote?
  12. (Before anybody starts, I have voted for candidates from both major parties.)
  14. 136Ion November 9, 2012 at 11:37 am
  15. “So, if you met a guy (let’s say you were single, and this was at a friends house/dinner party…he is a friend of a friend) and you were confident that he was not some pop culture washed blank slate, and he said that he is most attracted to submissive girls (amongst other positive traits), how would you react?”
  17. Honestly? Since he’s not a pop culture ‘droid, I’d find it offputting but I’d still be turned on by him being bold enough to ask.
  19. In general though pop culture has influenced both sexes. With women not wanting to be a submissive caricature, and men wanting a submissive caricature if the alternative is a ballbusting feminist who would be a lazy parent.
  21. “Well, it is actually not that hard to find examples of true matriarchies. Sub-Saharan Africa has tons of them.”
  23. I kinda wonder what these societies would have looked like over millenia if not for outside/environmental factors (the drying out of some parts of Africa as a result of the last ice age for example, and the introduction of the money system). Regardless, in these societies, the women’s roles haven’t changed for millenia, but the mens roles have had to adjust because of the lessened resources. A similar comparison is that a woman’s role as primary caretaker during breastfeeding years is not going to change, even if most men lose their jobs. Feminists refuse to admit this fact.
  25. 137Susan Walsh November 9, 2012 at 11:40 am
  26. @Esau
  28. Is this an example of the famous phrase, “Let’s you and him fight”? I admit I never really understood the term, but this certainly sounds like it.
  30. Haha, perhaps its bastard cousin. Mary Kate wants her husband Sean Thornton to fight for her belongings, which her nasty brother has refused to let her take now that she is married. Because of his history as a fighter, Sean refuses to engage the brother physically. She states that she is ashamed of her husband and refuses to have sex with him.
  32. Ultimately, as you say, they do fight, a great big brawling fight that moves from venue to venue throughout the village. I can’t recall if there is a winner or if it is a draw but all ends well – the nasty brother has newfound respect for Sean Thornton, and Mary Kate is very happy with both her men.

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