parody of women

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  10. PJL says:
  11. June 25, 2010 at 6:37 pm
  12. Miss Walsh,
  14. Two comments on antifeminism–
  15. First: I’m afraid GS showed the colors of a type of feminism that really turns women off when she made the Obama comment, especially because the anti-feminists make a very strong case against abortion. Like most good arguments–and I’m not endorsing it, merely presenting it!–it does an intellectual jujitsu move on its opponent. Basic structure is (1)women are different from men; (2) women get pregnant; (3)ergo, sex is different in consequences for women than for men. From (2) and (3), these antifeminists argue that the availability of abortion, rather than empowering women, encourages them to have sex like men, which they can’t do. To say the argument doesn’t even merit consideration it to reveal that “feminism” isn’t about “empowering” women. Rather, it is a type of liberal ideology. Once you define it as such, you lose large swathes of women who vote Republican.
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  17. Second: These conservative woman often, paradoxically, demonstrate the progress women have made. Sarah Palin, Meg Whitman, Fiorina, and Phyllis Schlafly challenge liberal feminism by redefining what empowerment means. But their lives are empowered, whatever you think of their politics. Schlafly defeated the ERA by herself, for goodness sakes. One may disagree; but the hatred given to these “anti-feminist” women is silly. Schlafly’s defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment was probably the most politically influential thing a woman has done in the twentieth century, for good or ill. I met Mrs. Schlafly once, briefly: a sweeter woman you’d never know. She would irritate her feminist interlocutors during debates by publicly thanking her husband for giving her “permission” to travel. But, again, even this nod to patriarchy is ironic. Women who defer to and defend patriarchy are doing something different from the women who lived four generations ago. For, they are self-consciously rejecting an alternative. I’ve met these women; they’re typically conservative Christian or Jewish types. And, they’re certainly no stepford wives types. They expect an (intimidatingly) great deal from their men. Hmm, the way I’m writing, it’s almost impossible for the modern, western woman to not be an empowered woman. I just hope that the coming cultural and economic changes don’t change that too much.
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  22. Eracentric man « An Unmarried Man says:
  23. June 26, 2010 at 2:05 am
  24. [...] Also, it was stirred to life after reading an unfolding discussion over on Hooking Up Smart about feminism and other similar deconstructions of feminism in this blogosector where we attempt to lay the blame [...]
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