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  10. Let's make sure we're talking about the right "promiscuous" here. According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary ( the definition of PROMISCUOUS is as follows: 1. composed of all sorts of persons or things 2. not restricted to one class, sort, or person: indiscriminate (education ... cheapened through the promiscuous distribution of diplomas - Norman Cousins) 3. not restricted to one sexual partner 4. casual, irregular (promiscuous eating habits) Also, according to the Bobby It's Freaking Obvious dictionary (no URL, just observing how people justify the unjustifiable) the definition of PROMISCUOUS is as follows: 1. cheap slut (if I hit it will I get sloppy seconds? - Bobby) 2. dirty whore (I think I may have caught something - Bobby) 3. (damn, this girl knows how to give good head - Bobby) Ok, now that we're on the same page I think we all agree that labeling someone as "promiscuous" is a lot like a bitch slap which may or may not be deserved. The question should be not how many people a person has had sex with but the "how's and why's" this said promiscuous person got it on. Let me give you some examples: Promiscuous Behaviors: • I don't find her sexually attractive but I like her Porsche. (change genders and your stomach will understand) • Realizing you don't know who your having sex with. • Finding the nearest warm body to spend the night with. Non-Promiscuous Behaviors: • I've never had sex with a hot parking lot attendant, today will be the day! • "Damn that threesome was awesome!" • Having sex with a prostitute. If WE consider the number of sexual partner as a defining essence of who is promiscuous then we all are. Even if you've had sex with only one person you have had sex with everyone your partner has ever had sex with (think of a virgin catching an STD from her first lover). Promiscuous is random behavior that devalues, or uses sex, for other reasons than getting-off with someone who wants to get-off as well.
  12. Lennie Ross July 29, 2011 at 6:23 pm Reply
  13. Just another one of those damn double-standards.... that's why I always say women's lib failed us. We now just have more expectations on us, more pressure, but no equality. Whereas before we could be whacked out on vallium, wearing a pretty frock, mixing a martini for our hubby and slapping a few TV dinners on the table like Betty Draper, now we have to bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, clean the pan, buy the pan, have sex with the guy we cooked the bacon for, have kids with the guy, walk the dog while he digests the bacon passed out in front of the TV... and pick up after his lazy ass...oh, yeah... love the equality. And while you're a super-tramp (love it... dating ourselves with the "logical" song), I'm a full blown crack whore for the amount of men I've slept with... but I was young and I needed the money... because there's no such thing as equal opportunity or equality in the work force. This is a great blog, Marrie. You're my hero—along with Betty Draper. Good response by Bobby too!

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