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  11. He works in a hospital and has excessive drama that he needs to draw me into on a daily basis. In a sense, I’m his target as he tells his stories of how poorly people at work treat him.. it is as if I’m taking the brunt for these people he works with. After hearing his drama stories, what he did to get them all back, how he “won the battle”, he wonders why I don’t want to hear about it any longer. I’m a single parent, work full time too, run a household and a business. Many times single women have more responsibilities than single men, but the men don’t realize all we do.. we cook, clean, work, take care of our families, keep our homes and gardens beautiful, pay all of our bills, fix our own cars.. .. but the men never seem to be satisfied with whatever we try to do to make THEM happy. So they yell at us, break up with us, then miss us and want us back after all the drama and pain. They beg to come back to us because they miss all the good we shared with them, our love, our warmth of our homes, our family, our fun, our affection.. and many other things, but NOTHING we do is good enough.
  12. We can be pretty, have gorgeous bodies, make great money, be independent, great cooks, exercise.. we have it all.. but it is NEVER enough for the men.
  14. Fender Guitarist Says:
  15. November 9th, 2009 at 3:35 pm
  16. wow ..its like u read my mind..this is very useful..thanks for this article..its a fresh breath of air…my ex girlfriend..well suposably she was confused about us..and didnt even talk to me about it..and just automatically called it off..due to her confusion…well that was 6 months ago..and i still love her so muc…but i dont know if she feels the same way..and im trying my hardes to get over it..but its hard when when i see her at parties or anywhere..she wont take her eyes off of its just complicates things..and she always ignores me anyways..this is a very good article..and im taking it in count..thanks..
  18. iwantedyoutoask Says:
  19. November 20th, 2009 at 6:10 pm
  20. I am a single mom of two. I had a bf 4 years ago (before my kids dad)that I loved so so much and I am pretty sure he did the same too. We are about to get married but because it was a long distance relationship we didn’t work. I did a big mistake just because of being immature. Just because of a very little misunderstanding i went out with a friend (now my kids’ dad) telling him all my heartaches and how I miss my BF. We can’t deny the fact that women are emotional and to make the story short I got pregnant after our few dates.I hide it from my BF but later I told him the truth. We didn’t break up I just vanished. So I thought that was the end between me and my BF and a start between me and my kids’ dad.But it’s not, our memories keep haunting me. My partner and I also had some fights most of the time. I wanted to get out of that mess even before but because I love my kids so much I can’t. I even tried to track down his facebook account. We have chatted which was out of my partner’s knowledge and found out that after me he never had another girlfriend. He was asking about my me and I lied to him again.. I told him that we broke up even if we’re not yet. So now he said he wants me back and willing to accept my kid. Yes, he was thinking that I only have one kid and that we didn’t live together that long and I don’t have the courage to tell him the truth coz I already lied to him the second time. I really can’t deny to myself that maybe I was keep on lying to him coz I dont wanna loose him. I know its a big mistake and thats why I am trying to figure out things seriously before I make a decision. I wanna sacrifice for my kids but it seems me and my partner won’t work anymore also….I decided to leave their dad coz I wanna find myself.. ofcourse my kids are with me…

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