intelligence and maturity

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  10. By their acts, ye shall know them. Unless she claims to be religious a few ONS (esp the older she gets) give you very limited knowledge into her motivations. Context is key.
  12. As for religion, I’m agnostic and religious concerns and arguments do not sway or concern me, though obviously they are very important to those who hold them. So to me, sex is NEVER a “sin”, and unless one did something terribly unsafe, or behaved in a totally ethically selfish and vacuous manner, there’s never anything to be ashamed of.
  14. The Deuce says:
  15. August 17, 2010 at 7:42 pm
  16. verie:
  18. The big cities are the worst. A lot of the success of Roissy and Roosh comes down to where their stomping ground is. You get a lot of these neurotic, highly competitive, feminist career women who are very hung up on their status and not at all family-oriented, and they are absolute ripe pickins’ for the Gamers. I live not far from DC, and I’ve been to New York a couple times, and New York looks to be even worse in being chock-full of that kind of woman. Of course, the guys there are part of the same culture, which means you’re going to primarily have men that go after that kind of woman, and have a view of sex and marriage to match. If I were still single, and looking to go buck wild with hot women that were easy to find and bed, I’d probably go to NY. I would never think to go there if I was looking for a sweet virgin who wanted a family (which is what I was looking for when I was single).
  20. The best place to go, if you’re looking for a guy who’s dominant and confident enough to be attractive, but who will also treat you well and isn’t an amoral asshole, is probably Dixieland, as VJ mentioned. Perhaps whatever kind of work you do prevents you from being able to do what you like there, though.
  22. The second best option, if you need to be somewhere metropolitan for your work, is to find an area where you have easy access to a major city, while actually living in a surrounding area where there are a lot more people with traditional values. My area (central Maryland) isn’t too bad, for instance. It’s actually pretty conservative and even semi-rural in a lot of areas. Lots of people here take the metro into DC, or drive to Baltimore. Both cities are less than an hour away by car. You’d have similar options south of DC, in the Virginia suburbs. Both places are a far cry from, say, Mississippi (where I went to college), but they’re closer to that than they are to a crazy-land like NYC or DC.
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  25. August 18, 2010 at 4:06 am
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