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  12. Ok, it is a stereotype, but SOMETIMES it’s true :P You fleshed out the explanation better than I did.
  14. Frankly, that is a stereotype. Women want sex just as much, we’re just less likely (and have more sense in that respect) to bang someone we don’t know.
  16. No, this is incorrect. It isn’t a stereotype, it is science…hormones actually. No doubt, women want sex and enjoy sex (the old Victorian stereotype is complete rubbish). That said, the male sex drive is orders of magnitude stronger than the female sex drive especially when a guy is in that 15-16-17 to maybe mid to late 20s age group. My guess is you are young and don’t have much life experience to draw on. Quick example. I’ve been involved in the weight training/bodybuilding community, so I am aware of and know of women who have taken steroids/male hormones. I know a guy who dated one. The degree to which their sex drive goes up is tremendous. I’m 37 now and I can tell the difference compared to 21, 22, 23, etc.
  18. You kind of casually gloss over/pooh-pooh the apex fallacy concept, and I’m not sure you really understand it. It is without doubt one of the core drivers of today’s SMP because female hypergamy has been utterly disconnected from any sort of cultural/moral/educationa restraint. The operative philosophy is one of “empowerment” and “you go girl” which really does enable women to engage in alot of self-destructive behavior. The middling, average of the pack guy would probably be in amazement to your belief that getting sex is easy, after all “its everywhere”, but again most of these men are outside your scope of vision. You are just seeing and observing the top ones who it is very easy for.
  20. Dogsquat was trying to tactfully give you the real deal. Pay closer attention.
  22. Yes, I understand the Apex Theory, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it, and I don’t, so relax. It’s called having an opinion. I am young, true, but I still capable of forming one.
  23. And yeah, science always gets it right doesn’t it? Your case is, just one case, or a couple, after all. Doesn’t apply to all men and women. Everyone is different. I do think it is possible, as a woman, to want sex more than a man, if not just as much. I’ll say in my experience the midle-of-the-pack girls are outside of your scope of vision.
  24. Back to the apex fallacy, well, what I got out of it is that it is saying that for example, we think that men rule the world, when really there are only a select few at the top that are in control. At the same time, there are many men at the bottom as well (incarcerated, etc.). Female hypergamy says that women want to marry ‘up’ or marry a man with a higher status than them or a least equal. Yet, how does there not exist a male hypergamy as well? Do men not sometimes hold women to higher standards (ie; won’t marry you if you’re a slut) if they want a relationship?

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